Updating the website

It becomes really hard to start something if you wait too long…

It’s been quite a while since I did anything to my website last time. When finally started editing my website, I realised that I’ve already forgotten how to code…sigh. I managed to complete the update at the end though; edited and uploaded some photos of the dresses I made on the portfolio page and also updated the pictures on the front page, some of which were taken in England last year by a photographer, Bruce. (Thanks!) read more »

The red dress on the stage

How amazing it was to see the dress I made on the stage while dancing to my favourite band’s music…


At the Dropkick Murphys gig at O2 Academy Brixton (27th January 2017), I got to see one of my other favourite bands: Skinny Lister, who were the opening act. I had already been excited for them and it exceeded my expectations. Skinny Lister’s singer, Lorna, was wearing the dress I made. It was such an honour. The dress looked absolutely gorgeous on her.

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Dress making – draping

I am often asked how I make clothes when I introduce myself as a fashion designer. So, I thought it might be interesting to describe a process of dress making.

There are mainly two ways to make patterns of clothes; draping on the stand and flat pattern making. I usually use both ways depending on the design. Some designs are easier to work on papers, others might need to be considered three-dimentionally. I am going to show how I draped a dress this time. The left dress on the fashion illustration is the design I worked on.

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Dress for a singer

While I was in London during the summer to attend Alexander McQeen exhibition, I also went to see one of my favourite bands in Camden. It was a great gig, but I also took the opportunity to ask one of the singers for the band if they’d like me to make her a dress (for future gigs).

I was lucky to talk to her at the venue. At first I hesitated to bring it up, but I introduced myself and showed her my website. She was a very friendly and lovely person and we exchanged details.

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Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty”


One of the reasons I visited London again during the summer was to see the V&A museum exhibition, Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty”. Alexander McQueen was one of the most influential fashion designers to me. I would have gone in March but I had to give it up to take care of my dogs. I finally managed to see the exhibition before it finished in August with an after-hours ticket that they made available due to high demand.

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Basic Block

First things first. Before starting making new clothes, I should alter my basic block a bit as it’s been 8 years since I made it. Luckily the sizes aren’t that differnt and actually the old one still fits me well.

When you draw a flat pattern, what block you use is very important. Having said that, I never altered it before even when I gained or lost weight… It is a bit annoying yet necessary process to make well fitted clothes, in my opinion.

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Erika Sonoda portfolio site has opened


First of all, thanks for visiting my website and reading my blog!

I had planned to make the site for a long time but it never happened until now. Although I had some experience in making websites in the past, it has been such a tough work to make one from scratch with the updated technology.

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