Dress for a singer

While I was in London during the summer to attend Alexander McQeen exhibition, I also went to see one of my favourite bands in Camden. It was a great gig, but I also took the opportunity to ask one of the singers for the band if they’d like me to make her a dress (for future gigs).

I was lucky to talk to her at the venue. At first I hesitated to bring it up, but I introduced myself and showed her my website. She was a very friendly and lovely person and we exchanged details.

I came back to Tokyo and started to work on my fashion label but it was really tough, to be honest. You know, so much stress working alone, taking care of some personal stuff…


I had drafted some ideas for her, as well as my new collection, but it took time as I obsessed over creating the perfect design. I went for fabric shopping on a whim and found this beautiful fabric. After which, the right designs came to me almost immediately: beautiful fabrics always give me so much inspiration.

I usually just make a rough sketch and move on to pattern making, but this time, I painted them properly to show the designs clearly.


It had been a month and a half since I proposed making a dress for her so I wasn’t certain that she would reply. A few days later, I got a response back confirming that the dress idea had suited her.

I’m honoured to be able to make a dress for a musician I’m fond of and this is the beginning of my new collection. How exciting it is?