Erika Sonoda portfolio site has opened


First of all, thanks for visiting my website and reading my blog!

I had planned to make the site for a long time but it never happened until now. Although I had some experience in making websites in the past, it has been such a tough work to make one from scratch with the updated technology.

I didn’t have to care about it being responsive to many types of devices 10 years ago, did I? Since smartphones are the most popular device to browse the internet these days, I had no choice but learned how to code a responsive website. Dream Weaver was very handy to code this kind actually. You can check the output with whatever screen size while coding it.

The trend of web design has completely changed. I used to use frames or Flash on my personal website. I don’t see anything like that anymore. Keeping up with technology isn’t easy at all!

These past few months, I spent all day, almost every day in front of my laptop. The worst thing is that it takes forever to find out what to fix in a long code when there is an error. Tiny mistake makes a big difference. It drives me crazy sometimes.


After coding the site with HTML and CSS, I needed to make an original theme for WordPress so that I can set my blog with the same design as the other pages. Without any knowledge of PHP, I followed some turtorials how to make an original theme. At first, I thought I would just use WordPress for the blog but it turned out it was easier to achieve what I wanted to do on the top page if I use PHP…

At this point, I was exhaused as I thought everything had been set up. I didn’t have much energy left to learn PHP on top, to be honest. Fortunately, there are so many plugins you can add easily on WordPress. For instance, I managed to make the contact form work without programming PHP or using CGI.

Learning how to program PHP would be fun but I don’t have time for it now. It’s high time I started making new clothes!

P.S. I have tested the operation with Internet Explorer11 and Google Chrome. If any problems occur with the other web browsers, please let me know.









最後に、Internet Explorer11とGoogle Chromeでの動作確認済ですが、他のブラウザで何か問題があれば教えて下さい。